CEO Job Clearinghouse

The CEO Job Clearinghouse and Employment Matchmaking Service is your go-to place for job seekers and businesses looking for staff to fulfill their year-round and seasonal needs.

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Job Clearinghouse

We're like the of employment matchmaking.

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filling the gaps, one job at a time

Just like, we can't guarantee a "love connection" by connecting you with your dream job or your employee of the month.  But what we CAN do is increase those chances, by giving you the tools you'll need to make it happen.

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for job seekers

All interested job seekers are screened with an interview and added to our employee database.  Once job seekers are listed, they are matched with employers as relevant vacant positions become posted. There is no fee associated with this service for the job seeker.  All interested job seekers should contact CEO for an appointment.

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For employers hiring

All businesses looking for employees to join their team should contact CEO to list their open positions.  All desired skills sets and demographics will be matched according to our employee database.  Only relevant matches will be referred.  Please contact us immediately to begin your employer profile.

Let today be the start of something new.