Four Reasons to Become a Network Partner

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It may be a small island, but have you noticed that you can go years without seeing many of the women that you enjoy and feel energized from being around? Or perhaps you are new to the island and find that you have not had a chance to meet many like-minded women?

As human beings, we are hard wired to crave community. This does not mean “friends and followers” on social networks, but real life, personal and meaningful connections. Women in particular, appreciate the ability to discuss and “sound board” their ideas and share resources. Community building is an important role that the Network intends to fill for our partners.

Relationship Building

Networking has a bad connotation for a lot of women who may think of it as something that is just for extroverts or that is insincere, manipulative, self-promotional, or “salesy”. Although these components exist and are perpetuated by folks who don’t understand the true value of networking, I suggest that we replacing the term networking with a more fitting one: Relationship Building.

Successful “networkers” are the ones who understand that the value of networking is in building relationships and helping fellow community members, not seeking to advance a personal agenda. Time and again it has been proven that those who give without an agenda, in fact will receive ten-fold back. Offering opportunities to build new and meaningful relationships is another important benefit that the Network offers.


CEO is a passionate supporter and advocate of youth education, but that is only the beginning. As adults, we deserve to be learning and growing throughout our lives. Although the online learning possibilities are endless, it cannot compare with the energy that you get from being in a room with other passionate and curious learners. The mutual support and enthusiasm for a shared learning goal can help deepen and cement the lessons. The Network advocates continuous learning and seeks to connect partners with resources and new learning opportunities.

Support & Collaboration

Those of us who work in home or small business environments have the risk of becoming isolated or stale in our thinking. The ability to get to know and brainstorm with other smart, creative and experienced women of different backgrounds can be invaluable for your business or personal development. The CEO Network will foster new ideas, fresh energy and collaboration helping women partner and mastermind. You will have supportive community members to just bounce ideas around with, and the ability to get creative feedback and help with evolving your ideas to the next level.

Bonus Reason #5 – This is a new community and as such, you have a unique opportunity to suggest or help create offerings. If I havent mentioned a benefit that you think should be a role of the Network, you can get involved and help craft and shape future opportunities. This is your group, and we want to hear from you!

The first official meeting of CEO’s Network Partners will be Wed. October 21st  8:15am in the Chappy Room at the Kelley House in Edgartown. Informal networking at 8:15, meeting 8:30-9:15.

If you have not yet registered as a Network Partner, sign-up now and take advantage of this opportunity to be involved and/or influence a fun and rewarding winter schedule!

Grace Robinson